About Kurativ Premium CBD.

Kurativ was founded in 2018 with two owner-operators and a credit card with a $10,000 limit. In just twelve months Kurativ products were in 100’s of retail stores with no marketing and no outside capital investments…just a commitment to building a loyal customer experience for people looking for premium products at an affordable price.

What started then continues every day at Kurativ CBD - to create, launch and help customers experience high quality CBD at a reasonable price.  Since day one, we have prided ourselves on sourcing only premium, U.S. grown hemp from farmers we know and trust.  Our team works tirelessly to deliver new and innovative products for our amazing customers.  Our mission is to serve people, and that mission is ongoing and incredibly rewarding.


Why partner with Kurativ?

 When you partner with Kurativ, you are partnering with people. We are a full-service CBD manufacturer that isn’t weighed down with corporate bureaucracy. We have two priorities:


1.)  To create and maintain the highest product quality in the industry


2.)  To deliver unmatched customer service and satisfaction.